Monday, February 13, 2012

Lovin' Life

On our way to Disneyland!
Life around here has been a bit crazy. I feel like I never get a moment to rest or even to just stop going going going! These boys are a full-time job but adding my other job on top of it all (not to mention cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping...) whew! I am exhausted and sometimes feel like I am losing my mind... but I am happy.

Archer is now 3 months old! And he is HUGE. Seriously. He is as big as Carter was at 9 months. He is already outgrowing 6 month clothes. Archer has developed quite the personality. When he is happy, he is such a joy to be around. He coos and laughs and kicks his legs and his smile makes me want to cry it is so darn cute. But when he is mad... it's like he is a different baby! Carter never cried like Archer does. I take it back--Archer doesn't cry--he literally screams his head off. I need to record it. He balls his hands into tight little fists, sticks out his bottom lip, turns bright red, and screams. It breaks my heart because I try to soothe him but I think he just likes to scream to get out his frustration because after 10 minutes or so (sometimes longer!), he snuggles up in my arms, sighs, and falls asleep. It's very strange and a bit stressful so I am hoping it is just a phase.

As for Carter, I think he has realized that Archer is here to stay. I think he feels neglected at times since he used to get 100% of our attention. He is talking so much lately! He loves to repeat things that he hears (which can be a bit embarrassing at times!) He makes me extremely aware of the phrases that Dave and I use a lot because he now runs around the house saying things like, "So cool," "Stop it!", "Awww so sweet," but the most annoying one is he now screams, "Chrissssssy!" whenever he wants me.
Dish soap, a straw to make bubbles, and a pan can provide hours of entertainment.

Mickey Mouse needed a bath.