Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We just got home from a glorious mini-vacation in Santa Barbara. It was so much fun to take the kids there but it made me feel kind of old.... has it really been 15 YEARS since I was in college there?! It was fun to walk down State Street and remember all the date nights Dave and I spent when we were so young... and throwing two wild boys in the mix definitely made me view the city in a new light!
First, we checked into El Capitan Canyon campgrounds. I had heard great things about this place but had never been. After our brief stay I totally recommend it and am already trying to plan our return trip! The campgrounds are situated a little north of downtown SB, and although you are at the beach, the campgrounds are across the freeway and hidden in the beautiful hills and trees. This is NOT your average campground... it is "glamping" and it is glorious! There are cabins, yurts, and  canvas tents. We stayed in a yurt and it was huge! Big tall domed ceiling, three beds, wood floors, electricity, a small fridge, and a heater. The boys were eager to get the firepit going and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. I think my favorite part about this campground (besides the gorgeous scenery) was the market and restaurant. It was really nice to wake up in the morning and just run down to the restaurant for coffee and a really tasty breakfast! Next time we plan on bringing hardly any food and just ordering our meals from the market. (I know the true campers will think this is crazy but seriously, this is my style of camping!)
We checked out the next morning and headed to the Santa Barbara zoo. It was breezy and sunny and beautiful and we had a blast. Then we checked into the Montecito Inn (designed by Charlie Chaplin!) and showered and relaxed before spending a fun evening on State Street. The next morning as we were having breakfast with the other hotel guests (who were mostly older people) Archie exclaimed loudly, "WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM?!" The entire restaurant was laughing which of course egged him on and he asked that same question like three more times to my total embarrassment!
Road trip ready!

Our adventure yurt!

The campground had a great playground and even a pool!

Their funny face selfies always crack me up!

Nothing beats snuggles by a fire!

Archie is an early bird. He's eating donuts in the morning while everyone else sleeps!

I woke up to the sunlight streaming in through the roof.  
My early bird went to the market with me to get coffee and OJ! 

Nothing beats bacon, breakfast burritos, and pancakes!

The elephants are so cute!

The Santa Barbara zoo grounds are beautiful! 

Awesome hill with cardboard surfboards!

Watching cartoons in their undies!

Our hotel was lovely and it felt great to relax!

Super yummy ice cream!

The weather was absolutely perfect.

Soaking up the warm sun!
When we got home, Dave and I had a fun day date (just the two of us!) at the Segerstrom Center and watched the Book of Mormon musical. Sadly, today is Sunday and I am having a hard time getting this family back in our reality routine of work and school. We sure did love spending this week together... I'm looking forward to planning another getaway soon!

That's a wrap!