Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mid-Summer Highlights

So I may be jinxing myself by writing this but we are having an awesome, mild, beautiful summer. We have managed to not turn our AC on for over a week and saved a ton of electricity (cue Dave doing a happy dance). We have been swimming, gone to water play parks, birthday parties, concerts, movies, etc.! It's been a great summer and the kids are so happy to be outdoors, splashing in the water and playing in the dirt. I bought an inflatable pool for very cheap on Amazon and it has become the highlight of their day. I give them cups and they pour the water out of the pool...they can do this for hours. (Cups are banned in the bathtub after Archie decided it was way cool to dump out all the bath water as fast as he could.) Carter is embracing the role of big brother to the extreme. If Archie does something naughty (like digging metal forks into our new wooden kitchen table) and we take the toy or whatever away, Carter literally jumps up and starts yelling for us to give Archie his toy back or to make Archie happy. He hates to see Archie cry and tries to protect him all the time. I love his sweet nature. He starts preschool in a month! Where did the time go? As for Archer Anderson.... well, he lives to test our boundaries. His adventurous spirit is hard to keep up with and he definitely keeps me on my toes. He is truly no longer a baby as he has moved into a big boy bed and now shares a room with Carter. The boys picked out some cool space posters for their room and it looks really cute. Lastly, we are taking our first family camping trip in September so stay tuned!

Last night the boys drove their jeep to the park. Dave played a game where he was a zombie trying to attack them. It was hilarious to see Carter scream and speed away and to see the concerned look on Archie's face!