Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's a wonderful  life and this was a wonderful Christmas. After enduring two pretty miserable Christmas seasons in a row, this year turned out to be pretty amazing. We have two healthy kids and an absolutely wonderful home that was decorated and cozy and Christmasy and perfect all month long. I had been reading books to Carter for a month on Christmas and Santa to see if he could actually understand the concept this year and we were nervous for how he would react Christmas morning. He is not a fan of opening presents at all but this year proved to be a success as every gift we helped him open was followed by an enthusiastic "Oooohhhh!" Dave and I really felt the spirit of Christmas this year as we hung out all morning in our pajamas as a family and relaxed, opened presents, and ate breakfast (french toast, eggs, and bacon--Carter's favorite!) A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Cushman for the "big present" this year--Carter got a Jeep Powerwheels. It is the most awesome thing ever and I totally wish I had a real one! Santa also brought Carter a remote control helicopter that he is fascinated with and although he is much too little to control it on his own, he loves watching his daddy fly it around. My house is FULL of toys and my children are so spoiled by their friends and family members! Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone for making this one so great!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Years

Dear Grayson,
Two years ago we said goodbye. I think about you every day. We have a big picture of you on the wall in our new house and every time Carter goes up and down the stairs we ask him, "Who is that?" and he says, "Grayson!" I love that he can recognize your face but my heart breaks knowing that he will never remember you. Today we decorated your grave for Christmas. Your daddy held Carter in his arms and we both wondered what life would be like if you were still here. I wonder if Carter would be a different person somehow if he had you in his daily life. I wonder what you would look like at 2 years old. Your little brother Archer is one month old now. Sometimes he makes faces that look just like you. He has that sweet little crease under his lower lip that you have too. Today I realized that Archer is now older than you will ever be. But remember, he is still your little brother. I love you Grayson, more and more each day. Having another baby brought back a lot of memories of you and it has been hard on me lately. It's almost Christmastime but somehow the month of December just isn't the same. I still feel like a piece of me is gone at this time each year. But don't worry--I know you are still with me. I know I will always and forever be your mommy.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Time

I love my family! Yesterday we got to spend all day together... we layed around, watched football, went to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree, and then listened to Christmas music as we decorated. I LOVE my sweet husband for not only tolerating the Christmas music but for actually helping me decorate this year. (Although he still says he will not put lights up outside--but I am determined to change his mind!) Carter loved the Christmas tree farm--it was extremely hard to keep up with him as he ran inbetween all the trees. He was given free chocolate and a candy cane--both of which he devoured very happily. Archer wasn't too thrilled and just slept the entire time (although he had many adoring fans ooing and ahhing over him.) I felt a little guilty when people asked how old he was and I said "Two weeks." Is it bad to have a two week old baby out and about? Oh well. At least it was fresh air and not a mall! Both boys fell asleep on the way home, much to our delight! As much as I love my boys, if I can synch nap time to be at the same time, I am in heaven!

Carter loves to sing with Dave--I wish he was singing more in this video but you can get the idea:

The coolest swing ever--thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hill!