Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School's in Session!

Kindergarten has begun! We decided to try out the tiny little school in the canyon. When I mean tiny... there are only three classrooms and a hundred kids in the whole school. The school opened in 1879.  Pretty awesome, right? So far I am completely in love. Driving down into the canyon in the morning is so serene. There are huge pumpkins growing in someone's garden along the roadside and the school has its own farm (with animals!). The campus is beautiful and there are big shady trees and pine cones everywhere. It's so fun to watch the kids swinging on the swings as the rooster crows in the background. We gather together as a group in the morning for the announcements and the pledge. It feels like a little community.

Archie is stuck with me all day but we are making the most of it!

Labor Day weekend was lovely. It was hard to get back to work and school today. Yesterday we had a BBQ with my mom and then spent a fun afternoon bowling with the cousins. I'm excited that my boys like bowling. I have some fun memories of bowling when I was younger.  It's a sport that I can handle!