Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Is in the Air

Life is busy... blogs are few and far between...but we are healthy and happy and enjoying the warmer weather. Our city put on a Spring Fling where the kids could play carnival games and win plastic eggs full of candy and treats. It was a big hit! For Easter we had a big egg hunt at Dave's brother's house with all the cousins. They sure are cute! We took advantage of their Spring Break and met up with them at Irvine Park for the zoo, a train ride, and some ice cream. Dave is trying to convince me to organize our office today but all I want to do is lay around and be lazy. It's been a really long time since we have had a day with nothing to do and I am loving it. 

Carter is hilarious lately. He says the cutest things. He loves imaginary play (but prefers someone to play with him). He does his best to entice us to play with him--today he went up to Dave and said, "I will be Turtle Soup and you can be Gerbil. You know you love it." Archie does everything he can to keep up with his big brother. Carter's favorite train is Gordon, so of course it's Archie's favorite now too. I put Thomas pajamas on Archie last night and said, "Look Archie! Who's on your pjs? Is it Thomas?" He looked at me and said, "No. It's Gordon." Not even sure he can tell the difference between the two but he was pretty insistent. He was a bit spoiled by Easter and now begs at the pantry door all day long for "Candeeeee? Jellwey beans?" He also is fascinated by being outdoors and every time he walks by the back door he begs, "Side? Side? Side?" (outside). Our boys are going through a really wonderful phase right now...they are healthy and joyful and they play together so well. It took us awhile to reach this point (a lot of tantrums, whining, and sleepless nights). I know it won't last forever but Dave and I are really enjoying this time!

Once Carter realized the eggs had candy in them, he was completely content with the few eggs he found
and wanted to just eat all the candy.

Glad I have boys because I can get away with random mismatched outfits like this one
 and no one seems to care.

Carter adores his cousin Matt. 


Pretty sure there is nothing cuter than this kid without a shirt on.