Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Vacation in Newport Beach

Dave's brother and his family rented out a large beach house on the beach in Newport and invited us to come stay. The house was amazing because it was literally right on the beach. From the balcony we could watch the kids playing on the beach. It was such a fun-filled and laid-back trip... highlights included playing on the beach, walking on the pier, riding bikes down the boardwalk, eating frozen bananas, flying a kite, dinner at Spaghetti Factory, lunch at Ruby's on the pier, and Dave and I getting away from our kids for an afternoon so we could see Dark Knight Rises. I think Carter's favorite part of the entire trip was just snuggling with his cousins on the couch every morning and watching cartoons. It was nice to have a break from reality and to have a chance to really spend time with my cute nieces and nephew. Carter still wakes up every morning saying, "Where's Kate? Matt? Annie? Jayne?" Archer loved spending time with his cousins as well but I think his favorite part was crawling all over the house--he chased me everywhere!

The house we stayed in is the fourth one from the right. 

Archer asleep after a walk along the boardwalk

Who needs toys when you have a Doritos bag to play with?

Wanted a picture of sunset but ended up getting police car in picture as well--apparently
 a lot of people get arrested on the beach!

Brotherly Love!

A rare sight--Dave on the beach during daylight hours!

I came out to the kitchen for one second
and Archer was right behind me--I can't escape him!

Carter slept SO well during the whole trip from sheer exhaustion!

Kate, Annie, and Matt 
Archer fell asleep on the bike ride.
Carter was a bit bummed that he didn't actually get to "ride" a bike himself.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Summer Summertime!

Summer is upon us! Life is sunny and happy and the boys just keep getting bigger. Carter learned to drive his powerwheels jeep by himself today and Archer crawled all the way across our bedroom so it was a day of firsts! Happy Independence Day! 

Carter climbed up the bricks in the yard, looked in the window
 and yelled, "Hey whatcha guys doin' in there??"