Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Ideal Day

I recently read an article about "fakebooking" and how so many people post status updates and photos that make every moment in their lives seem so glamorous and amazing. Yes, we are all guilty of this but it's also nice to share the good moments of my day among all the other poopy diaper, temper tantrum, toy-cluttered house moments. I also recently had a few moms ask me how in the world I manage to work from home and how I get anything done. So here is a look at a day in the Hill household:

6:00am: Both kids are still asleep in their own beds and my husband has not snored all night. I am well-rested and happy. I check my work e-mail, download my projects for the day, and get started on my work.
Then I prepare breakfast. Homemade gluten-free pancakes, healthy smoothies. My kids come downstairs cheerful and excited to eat this breakfast and start their day.
9:00am: Kids are dressed and we play at the park. My boys set good examples for all the other kids and frown upon those children who eat or throw sand.
10am: My kids sit quietly together and watch educational programming and read books and play trains while I manage to have a conference call work meeting.
11:30am: Lunchtime... My kids ask for second helpings of veggies.We then bake some healthy oatmeal cookies together for dessert. They eagerly help clean up.
1:00-3:00: Naptime. My kids cheerfully go to sleep without a peep and sleep soundly for 2 hours, of which I spend working.
3-5pm: Kids and I paint, color, read books, practice mathematics, etc. I am always present and patience with my children.
6pm: Dave comes home and we have a healthy, home-cooked meal together as a family. He then bathes the kids, puts them in pajamas, and sends them off to bed, while I finish working.
8pm: Dave and I get to cuddle on the couch, watch television or a movie, sip tea, and eat cookies. We are relaxed and amazed at how easy and joyful our day was.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Somehow I think people who aren't actually parents read the above schedule and thought, "Hey... having kids is easy! Such fun!"

Our typical day is very similar to the above structure yet it usually begins with me waking to having one, maybe two children in my bed and me having to drag myself out of bed because I didn't get nearly enough sleep. Breakfast for me is strong coffee. Meal times are nearly always a battle where I attempt to shove nutritious food into my beyond picky 3 year old (and yes, we BRIBE. A lot.) My kids are usually the ones at the park eating or throwing sand, my work phone is always on mute during conference calls, Disney movies are used as a babysitter, toys are all over my house, and once these crazy boys are actually in bed for the night, we spend the rest of the time doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. and getting ready to start it all over again. Sometimes I don't finish work until 11pm. It is a very long day.

That being said, I truly love this crazy schedule of mine and I hope my boys read this blog post when they are older and realize how much they owe me!