Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Is Almost Over

This summer has truly been amazing. We had some lazy days where we played legos, practiced writing and coloring, built block towers, created new worlds out of playdough, and watched movies (Mickey House of Villains, DuckTales, and the Lego movie are the current favs in this house). We had adventurous outdoor days at new parks, swimming pools, and the beach. (I had hopes that Carter would learn to swim this summer... while he isn't quite there yet, he is definitely more confident and less nervous in the water so we are slowly making progress!) We had many Disneyland days and Carter (with the help of some big boots) is now tall enough to ride most of the rides so going on Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, and Radiator Springs Racers has been a blast. We went to the circus, Angel game, hung out with friends, played t-ball, had karate lessons, played in the sprinklers, had some epic lightsaber battles, and just really enjoyed spending time together. Carter starts Transitional Kindergarten next week and while I am so thrilled and know that he is going to love it and make new friends, it is definitely hard on me to send him off to school 5 days a week. I will miss snuggling in our pjs in the morning without a care as to what time we get dressed (oh the joy of working from home!)
Suite at the circus!

Hanging out with Uncle Brian at t-ball practice

Jumping in the pool!

Our Aquarium passes expire next week so today we had one last hurrah with all the sea animals. Grandma Carol and Uncle Brian joined us and we all had a great time touching the rays and sharks. I am not a fan of the birds but was brave enough to go in and made my brother hold the nectar for the birds. Immediately a flock of birds came to him and then two more swooped down and landed on his arm. I laughed so hard because that would have terrified me. Carter is cautious like me and liked to stand back and watch but Archie jumped right in and begged to have a bird stand on his arm and was so excited when one finally did! 

I wish I captured the look on his face! Priceless. Pure bliss.

Tiny jellyfish!

Life with Star Wars fans...they make the best sound effects.