Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Grayson

Dear Grayson,

On November 17, 2009 at 10:17AM you were born. I have a video of the NICU doctors wheeling you out of the room but before they left, they lifted you up so I could see your sweet face. You raised your arm up a little bit and opened your eyes to look at me. It will forever remain one of the most precious moments of my life. I can close my eyes and see you whenever I need to. I haven't forgotten a thing. I remember the way you smell, the softness of your skin, the fuzziness of your hair, and the strength of your tiny grip. This year, your brother and Daddy and I decided to celebrate just you on November 17th. Carter willingly gave up the day because he knew he was having a big party on the weekend. So our day began with a picnic to visit you. Daddy and I ate breakfast and Carter giggled and talked to you and played with his toys. Daddy and I brought you some yellow flowers and Carter brought you a Happy Birthday balloon (which he played with all morning.) We sang Happy Birthday to you. That night we came back with Grandma and Grandpa. We went for a walk and collected some pinecones and sang Happy Birthday to you again. My heart hurts sometimes when I see how much your brother has grown in this year and I get sad to think that I only can know you as a one-month-old. The other night I was rocking Carter to sleep and he was giggling with his eyes closed. I wonder if he was dreaming about you.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful son. You will live in our hearts forever.


Eve said...

A beautiful letter (thank you for sharing). x

The Family Wright said...

So beautiful. What an amazing journey you've all been on. And so filled with love. Thank you for sharing part of it with us

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Carrie said...

How sweet. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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