Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beach Day

Carter and I took a trip to Huntington Beach to spend the day with Auntie Harmony and Uncle Jesse. (They took all these awesome pictures as I had to hold Carter's hand nearly the whole time so he didn't dive off the pier or run head first into the ocean!)

Our fun began at their house, where Carter got to play with a guinea pig and two birds!

Then we headed to the pier and had a very yummy lunch at Ruby's Diner. Carter was thrilled to have sweet potato french fries and an itsy bitsy vanilla ice cream cone.

After lunch, we went to the dog beach. I couldn't believe how many dogs were there! I actually thought that Carter would want to sit and watch the dogs play but the ocean was calling his name. He ran straight for the water and ended up covered from head to toe in wet sticky sand. Ewwww. My shoes and pants were also covered in wet sand after chasing him into the ocean. Carter is not at all afraid to get messy! Next time I will be better prepared (towels, swimsuit, etc.) The weather was perfect though and now I am soooo ready for summer!


Eve said...

Love the post - Carter reminds me of Toby who has no fear of the water and dives straight in. Steve ended up wet to the waist one time because he didn't believe me when I told him Toby wouldn't stop. He didn't . . .


storygal said...

That last photo of the little one with his feet in the sand is most expressive, but the one of him crawling toward the water is a poem waiting to be written.

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