Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Year and A Half

Carter is a year and a half. I love it because I can say his age in "years" and not months. I hate having to figure out how many months old he is! Plus, I plan on saying he is a year and a half for the next few months or so, which eliminates the ever persistent follow-up response: "Oh really?! But he is SOOO small!" Carter saw his doctor this month and he is 19 lbs 10 oz and 30 inches tall. Yes, he is small. He is still not even on the charts for his adjusted age of 15 months. Sigh. The pediatrician is having his blood tested to make sure he is not deficient in human growth hormone. As his mom, I think he is 100% fine. He eats well (healthy foods) and considering he started life out at 2lbs 1oz, I think he has come a long way! I think he just got my genes and is going to be tiny. He is healthy and smart and happy and joyful and that is all I care about! Maybe he will be a star gymnast instead of basketball player. So what? :)
As you can see from these pictures, Carter is now sporting his Big Brother shirt. I talk about the baby a lot in hopes of building up some excitement, although I think Carter will be a bit annoyed for the first year or so of this baby's life as he begins to realize he is no longer the baby of the family. Yes, it's safe to say he is just a bit spoiled!

On more than one occasion, Carter has been called a girl. I don't get it. It's not like he has bows in his hair or pink clothes on. Dave thinks it's because his hair is getting long. I can't bear to cut it, especially this little curl in the back. What do you think?

This last pic is from this weekend. Carter took his nap on the couch in his typical sleep position. It looks so uncomfortable to me, but he seems to love it:


Eve said...

I want a cuddle! xx

Trish said...

Do not cut his curls off just yet! And there is NO WAY anyone could ever think he was a girl! Sheesh! He's 100% all boy and looks it too!

It's probably just because he's so dog gone CUTE!

The Family Wright said...

NOOOOO don't cut his hairrrrrr!!! No way his hair is too long!* Griffin *still* gets mistaken for a girl (and thats FOR sure because he has long hair) but it has yet to bother him one tiny bit. And he's totes the age that "should" care.

*I fully acknowledge I'm probably the worst person to talk about long hair because my kids are both shaggy-haired hippies and I love it ;)

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