Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Concert in the Park

On Sunday we went to the free concert in the park at Central Park in Huntington Beach. The music was 1920s style and was really good. Dave was reluctant to go at first but ended up loving how relaxed and laid back the event was. It was great for families with kids and pets, etc. We brought food, drinks, and snacks and got to lay around on a blanket under the trees. We joined Harmony, Jesse, Aimee, and the adorable Wright family. Carter had a great time chasing Parker around and was fascinated by the pedals on Harmony and Jesse's bike. Once again, thanks to Jesse for taking these pictures. I have been lazy with my picture taking lately!

This face.... it doesn't get any cuter than this, right?

Lastly, here's my 20 week belly shot. I am halfway there!


Kira Sjoberg Photography said...

how fun! great pics! and you look lovely, my dear :)

PinkySwear Designs said...

So much fun. I'm so loving all these summer night events!

Walter Tully said...

1920s style... mm, that's a treat to the ears. There's nothing like a good concert when it's nice outside. It's great to have a relaxing time with family and friends there.

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