Monday, January 28, 2013

Bye Disneyland.... for now

Our Disneyland passes expired and we have to take a break for awhile... it's just too expensive! We had such a blast though and the kids really love it. As frustrated as I am that Disneyland has raised its prices, it still remains a really great place for families to spend time (and we don't even go on very many rides!) It's clean, the food is good and reasonably priced, and they have a ton of things to do for little ones. We will definitely miss our Disneyland weekends. Perhaps Santa will be generous for Christmas 2013 and we will renew.

Totally amazed by the parade

My kids sure do love their Auntie Torrey!
Carter is still terrified of the Disney characters but Archie loves them all!

 We also went to Medieval Times recently. I was not sure how the kids would react (and if they would sit still!) but after a few initial tears because of the screaming and clapping, they both realized how fun it was and joined in the cheering!


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