Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Festivities

To start off, Dave and I had a date night. An awesome amazing date night. We ate delicious food at a restaurant called The Farm in LA. Then we watched the LA symphony perform the Danny Elfman songs from all the Tim Burton movies. Then, Mr. Elfman himself came out and sang all the Jack Skellington songs from Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a really fun night and I loved every second of being with Dave without our little stinkers for a change.

This was probably the most fun we have had during Halloween. The boys were certain of their costumes (Darth Vader and Yoda) months before Halloween and they were thrilled to dress up (unlike the previous years where many tears were shed putting on the costumes!) The concept of trick-or-treating finally made sense to both boys and they loved going door to door and gathering up their goodies. Archie kept saying with delight, "My punkin is heavy!" (His treat bag was a pumpkin.) This year we also went to a pumpkin patch festival at the Irvine Great Park which was fun in theory but way too crowded. The boys did get a free pumpkin though, so that was nice.
Carter is loving preschool. His teachers are fabulous and he is learning so much. He has many friends and his personality is starting to shine. He is definitely the class clown which is so bizarre to me because that is probably the complete opposite of my personality as a child. He is definitely a little Dave in every way. I have had a chance to help out in his classroom a few times and it is such fun to see him so independent. I am really proud of all of his accomplishments this year! His class dressed up on Halloween and paraded around the club and then had a class party.
While I helped in Carter's class, Archie got to go to work with Dave. It looks like he had a blast!

Our pumpkins were such a hit this year that people were sitting on our step and taking pictures with them!

Lastly, this was a funny video clip I got of Archie reading with his Daddy. Dave was trying to read to Archie from a CD booklet, but Archie kept trying to copy and repeat what Dave was saying. It was really funny... Archie was mimicking Dave to make fun of him!


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