Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Mystery of the Candy Creatures

Tonight we solved a mystery. A very elaborate mystery concocted by an imaginative 4 year old. Carter asked if he could have a piece of chocolate after dinner tonight. (We keep a candy dish on our fireplace mantel.) When he looked inside the dish and only saw three pieces left he exclaimed, "Who has been stealing all our candy?" I looked puzzled and said I didn't know. He then proceeded to tell me what had happened...

Three creatures came into our house at night and stole all our chocolate. 

Then Carter grabbed a magnifying glass and spent the next hour on a creature hunt with Archie as they looked for clues to solve the mystery. He came up with steps to finding the creatures. Step number one was to find the missing candy. Step number two was to find all the creatures. Step number three was to get our candy back and eat it. When Carter said he saw creature footprints leading into my bedroom, Archie burst into tears. He did NOT want any creatures to be in our house ever and kept saying that he was so afraid of candy creatures. I texted Dave on the way home from work and told him to put the remaining chocolates in his pocket. That way, he could show Archie that there were no creatures and that it was just Daddy all along who had been eating the candy. Archie was so relieved when he saw the chocolate in Dave's pocket that he burst into giggles. The idea that the candy creature was Daddy was the best news ever! Carter on the other hand, burst into tears. He was truly disappointed that his creature mystery was turning out to not be true. We pulled Carter aside and said that it still might be a creature mystery after all (but to keep it a secret from Archie) and his imagination once again went wild. We took a recap video and had the boys explain more about the creatures.

Dave especially thought this candy creature mystery was hilarious because it reminded him of the stories his parents told about him as a child and how creative his imagination was too.


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