Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Wonderful Family Vacation

We just got back from a fabulous 6-day family vacation. Carter is fast asleep in bed, Dave is doing homework, so I thought, well, I might as well blog about our trip now, before reality sets in tomorrow. I had a lot of apprehension about this vacation because we would be spending a lot of time driving in the car and I wasn't sure how Carter would behave. Honestly, the most difficult part of the journey was before we left--I couldn't believe how long it took to pack and we BARELY fit everything into Dave's Altima. Is it possible that we need a  minivan as a family of three?! Our first part of the trip was spent in Mammoth. On the way up there, we stopped at a gas station to feed Carter. I said to Dave, "It would be really nice if there was a park where we could feed Carter." We looked across the street and lo and behold--a park!

We arrived in Mammoth and stayed at the Westin, which was lovely. There was NO ONE in Mammoth! It was completely dead which was actually kind of nice--everyone in the hotel was super nice to us and very attentive. The weather was beautiful and we walked around the village and ate a great Mexican dinner. We were only there for one night but kind of wished we could have spent more time there. Especially because the hotel was so great--we had a kitchen and a huge window seat. They put us on the top floor so the view was amazing. We loved cuddling as a family on the window seat.

This is the lobby of our hotel in Mammoth:

I had never been to Mammoth and just fell in love with it. I am already planning future vacations there! From Mammoth, we drove to South Lake Tahoe. It was SO beautiful! Dave had never been to Tahoe and I haven't been since I was a little kid (and I think it was during the winter). We went for a walk when we got there and realized how out of shape we both are as we huffed and puffed our way back up the hill (in our defense, the altitude there was much different than what we are used to!)

We spent a lot of time relaxing in the room. Dave and I managed to watch the entire season 2 of Dexter! Our room had two huge jacuzzis right in the middle of the room. Carter was in heaven when we filled the tub and let him play with his toys in the water. Dave was in heaven when he got to watch football on the big flatscreen TV while relaxing in the jacuzzi! We went to Harrah's casino for their buffet one night (I felt funny pushing a stroller through a casino!) and walked around the shops. We also took a big river boat called the Tahoe Queen around the lake. The boat was amazing and it was a wonderful ride (although it was 2 1/2 hours long, which we were not aware of until we boarded!) Thankfully Carter behaved--he loved looking out at the water and he even took a nap on the boat!

Our last day in Lake Tahoe was spent walking around the historic district where we got to walk down to the beach. Believe it or not, it was Carter's first time on a beach! It was so amazing... the scenery was so perfect it almost felt like we were walking through a painting.

We left Lake Tahoe and stopped at June Lake, where my family used to vacation when I was a kid. We used to eat at a place called the Tiger Bar (I even had a T-shirt from there) so I thought it would be fun to take Dave and Carter. We stopped for lunch and had a nice break.

 (I have no idea why this picture will not load vertically and am too tired to mess with it.)

We spent last night in Bishop, just to break up the drive a little bit. We stayed at a Best Western because it was cheap and we were in Bishop and basically just needed a place to stay for the night. We were so surprised! It was a great hotel! They had drinks and really good cookies when we arrived. We were right next door to a famous bakery (and brought home lots of treats!) They had a continental breakfast which was very yummy (fresh waffles, orange juice, and coffee.... my ideal breakfast!). The hotel had a creek that ran along the side of the hotel and there were fish and ducks and all sorts of stuff to look at:

The drive home today was the hardest--Carter was not happy to be in his carseat during playtime and Dave and I took turns sitting in the backseat trying to entertain him. And then we came home to over 100 degree weather when we had just spent a week in breezy, beautiful high 70s.... oh well. I guess it is back to reality for us. I loved the past week. It was great to spend time alone with my two favorite boys. Having Carter in our lives has made trips like this much different than our little weekend getaways as a couple but definitely just as enjoyable! He is such a sweet, happy, and silly little boy and everywhere we go, he is bombarded by people who are just enchanted by him. He is a little charmer.


Eve said...

Sounds perfect, glad you had a fab time. Xx

Elise Williams said...

You are such a cute little family. I miss seeing you!

Jeffrey said...

What a fun vacation. It makes me think we should take one in that area sometime.

Jeffrey said...

It's actually your cousin Emily commenting not Jeffrey, I just used his google login.

Dani said...

Sounds like the perfect trip! Glad you guys had fun!!! I can't believe how big Carter is getting!!!

dianeandjack said...

We love that area too, Mammoth every year for us, lots of stuff to explore...Schatt's bakery is to die for....Carter needs to see a So Cal Beach asap!!! Sounds like you had a great time..thanks for sharing!

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