Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homemade Organic Baby Food

I have successfully been making my own baby food and am surprised at how easy, cheap, and yummy it is. I bought these little 2 oz containers that you can freeze, microwave, etc. They interlock so you can stack them in the freezer. It started when I tried to give Carter the Gerber Organic Peas. He spit it out as soon as I gave him a bite. I then tasted it, and realized why! It was awful. Tasted like grass. So I bought organic peas, blended them up, tasted it, and it tasted like... peas! And Carter loves them. So far I have made: pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, peaches... and then I have made some blends which he likes: avocado with banana, peaches with banana, peas with carrots, apples with banana... etc. We just started him on yogurt, so now I can make him smoothies. Our doctor said we can start him on meat... a little nervous to see how that is going to go, but I found some good recipes (chicken and apples, etc.) I even found a recipe for baby food "pumpkin pie" that I plan on making soon.


gentlehandsbabymassage said...

Hi, just found your blog. Lovely photos.
I run a really small c/o called Gentle Hands Ltd. Our site is
Your baby may be a little old for baby massage, but we do use organic sunflower oil! Are you planning to start a business with this?
Warm regards Sue

Carrie said...

That wonderful! I plan on making my own for Dylan, too. I will have to get some tips from you when the time comes.

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