Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Picking and 11 Months Old

Sorry for the totally uninspiring/creative title. I have these pictures sitting on my computer so I thought I'd write a quick blog while Carter is napping so I can clean up my computer desktop!
On Saturday we went apple picking at Los Rios in Oak Glen. It didn't turn out quite the way we wanted--there was no cell phone service so we never managed to meet up with the two different groups of people that were also going, but nonetheless, we had a a fairly good time (at least Carter and I did! Dave was grumpy about various things--one being that I almost let my car run out of gas in the middle of nowhere--whoops!) We managed to not run out of gas, although we did pick up a nail in my tire somewhere on the drive which resulted in me having to get two new tires and thus negatively affecting my budget for the month. Oh well. With all that said, the highlights of the day were laying on a blanket on a grass hill under a tree and people watching while listening to a band play. Carter had his first sip of fresh apple cider which he promptly spit out all over his clothes. I packed us a picnic lunch and we sat and ate together. We picked some apples which I made into applesauce for Carter.

My tiny little baby boy is not so little anymore. At 11 months, he is extremely active and energetic and wiggly! He rolls all over the place and still is not too excited on crawling--he wants to walk everywhere (with assistance). Thankfully he has a nice Grandpa who holds his hands and lets him walk around all day. He went from having no teeth to FIVE teeth in a matter of weeks (poor guy). His mouth really seems to hurt but I love his toothy smile. He talks and babbles nonstop and loves to be tickled. His new favorite activity is going up and down the stairs. Here are some videos:


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