Friday, December 24, 2010

The Aquarium

Last week, on the anniversary of Grayson's passing, we decided to take the day off. I wanted to spend the day with my boys. After visiting Grayson, we took Carter to the aquarium. I haven't been to the aquarium in years and I just have to say that as a new mom, I found it extremely kid-friendly, which was a definite plus. The bathrooms even have nursing areas and a lounge for kids to play and relax and they even have pull out stepping stools so that kids can reach the sink to wash their hands. They have a new outdoor area with lots of hands-on activities and a parrot enclosure that you can walk through (I nearly had a heart attack but Carter was fascinated.)

My favorite--can you spot the sea dragon?

After the aquarium, we went to Bubba Gump for lunch. I had the best shrimp tacos of my life (no joke) and Carter loved our very funny waiter. They quiz you on Forrest Gump trivia and Dave and I got every question correct! Our prize was unlimited access to the condiments on the table. :)

It was nice to devote an entire day to my boys. I highly recommend the Long Beach Aquarium to anyone. I hope we can go back again soon!


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