Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Successful Baby Food Recipe of the Day!

For any moms out there looking for a simple and easy baby food recipe--I have found the secret! (At least for my picky eater.) Pastina! These are the super tiny cute little star shaped pastas usually found in soups. Takes 6 minutes to boil on the stove. I added shredded cheese and voila! Mac and cheese that Carter scarfed down. Then, I mixed in carrots and peas... and Carter gobbled it up. I don't know if he likes the texture or what but I am now dreaming of adding these little star shaped friends into every meal. I think I will try a veggie soup and see what he thinks.


Cynthia Marshall said...

omg! my mom used to make me soups with this growing up. except she called them "estrellitas", which means little stars in spanish.

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