Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carter's Favorite Things

Carter hates television but LOVES the Your Baby Can Read videos (which are incredibly annoying). As soon as the music for the show starts, he stops whatever he is doing and is fixated on the screen for at least 20 minutes. Not sure if he is learning to read but I will take the 20 minutes of freedom! Carter LOVES having books read to him but is incredibly particular about the books. His current favorites are "Are You My Mother," "The B Book," "Who Said Boo?" "Freight Train," "Dear Zoo," "I Love You Through and Through," and "There's a Wocket in My Pocket." When I say those are his favorites, I mean, those are the ONLY ones he will let you read. And he will sit and have you go through them more than once. I sometimes try to trick him and sneak in a new book and as soon as he sees the cover, he pushes it away. What a stinker!

Carter also loves his personalized flash cards, lovingly made by the Wright family. It is such a cute idea and Carter loves to go through each picture. Some pictures make him smile (the family picture and the dog picture) and some words make him giggle (who knew bike was a funny word?!)

We also discovered last night that Carter is fascinated by the vacuum. He used to sit and watch his Grandpa vacuum but now that he is mobile, he chases the vacuum!



Eve said...

Yah for reading! Toby went through a stage where the one and only book he would have read was Freight Train and Beth the same with Dear Zoo. It was annoying but even worse was when Beth changed her preference and only wanted to read a hideous book that I couldn't stand! Perhaps I need to get a few old favourites of ours sorted and send them on over . . .

The Family Wright said...

We made the list!! Woot! So happy he loves them! I knew he would, he's a smart cookie. ;)
And I have to tell myself all the time that its really good for the kids to read the same book over and over and over, because my goodness does it get old! I've got about a dozen books I could recite forwards and backwards I've read them so much. So if you ever want to hear Go Dog Go just let me know.

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