Thursday, November 3, 2011

Picnic with my babies

Today, after my doctor's appointment, Carter and I decided to have a picnic with Grayson. I was feeling very emotional all day today. I am now full term with this new baby which is so wonderful and also a little scary as the end is quickly approaching and I am nervous about so many things. I just hope nothing goes wrong and he is delivered happy and healthy and perfect. As Carter and I sat and ate lunch I felt such love for all of my boys and such sadness to know that all Carter and new baby will ever know about their angel brother will be from pictures. Sometimes I wonder what Carter will feel when he learns more about Grayson as he gets older. Carter is the most snuggly and cuddly child ever and part of me wonders if he likes to be so close to us because a part of him misses his twin. I guess I will never really know. When we were leaving today, I said goodbye to Grayson and asked Carter to do the same. He blew Grayson a kiss and happily waved bye-bye and ran off to the car, leaving me teary and emotional. Ugh. These pregnancy hormones are making me feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster. I am very ready to meet my new little boy and start our lives together and I am definitely at the point now where I am feeling very done with being pregnant!


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