Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I know I say it every year... but Dave is an awesome father. He is the complete opposite of me which I think makes for a great balance. The boys certainly choose him over me for nearly every thing but I think it may be because I fit the care giver/disciplinarian/teacher role and Dave is the hip, fun, cool, playful parent that is quick to give out kisses and cuddles and spends most of his time making his boys squeal with laughter as he tickles them or throws them up in the air! What I love most is the fantastic example he is setting for my boys. Dave is hardworking, creative, smart, playful, laid-back, sensitive, and sweet and loving towards me. I intend my boys to grow up the same way!

I made cinnamon rolls, eggs, hash browns and bacon for breakfast. Yikes! After all that food, we decided a hike was in order. We walked Oso Creek Trail which was beautiful but pushing the double stroller up the hills was nearly impossible. An awesome workout though! The boys played at the park, then we went swimming. It was a long, fun-filled exhausting day. It was fun to spend a day celebrating Dave. Carter kept thinking it was Daddy's birthday and now keeps asking me when it is his turn for a birthday!


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