Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Kids Are Amazing

Starting to look like a big kid!

Cutest face ever.
The day has arrived--these boys can now share clothes and shoes!
So I find myself comparing my kids a lot... to each other... to other the milestone e-mails that Babycenter sends me... and today I had a breakthrough. I vow to stop! I can't do anything except teach, love, nurture, and guide them into the awesome little guys that they are destined to be. My kids are amazing for many reasons but let's start with Carter. Born 12 weeks early and at 2lbs, the doctors gave us a lengthy list of the impairments, disabilities, health problems, etc. that he would be faced with in his life. The first few months were rough but he conquered all the scary stuff and we were left with a healthy, normal (but tiny) little guy. I did research on preemie babies born at the same gestation and many of them have continual health problems, development challenges, etc. Carter definitely has some "unique" characteristics that remind me that he is a preemie (sensory and eating issues) and certain milestones are a bit delayed in relation to his peers, BUT he certainly makes up for it in the areas that he excels in--his amazing memory, his sweetness, his love of learning, his Angry Bird skills, and his love of singing. Plus I just learned that John Keats, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Victor Hugo, Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Hardy, and DH Lawrence were all premature babies. I can definitely see Carter growing up to be a scientist, author, or poet!
As for Archie...he is equally a little miracle baby as we were pretty certain I couldn't get pregnant. We are thankful every day for this little munchkin. We found out today that he is only in the 20th percentile size-wise so I guess I just make small kids! Archie is hilarious and his little elf voice makes us smile all the time. I have a feeling he is going to be a jokester....just like his Dad. He has excellent motor skills (which he also gets from his Dad) so I have a feeling he is going to enjoy playing sports. 


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