Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer 2016

So this year we decided to renovate our very run-down and depressing front and backyard. We are incredibly pleased with the final outcome after lots of annoying construction dust and noise. Since we are now paying for this lovely backyard, we opted for no vacation this summer and stayed home to enjoy it! We had fun roasting marshmallows and hanging out by the fire at the very start of summer but it's been too dang hot to enjoy it much lately. Cheers to future fall breezes!

So all in all, we had a lazy summer. We stayed up late and slept in a little longer than usual...

I went upstairs to go to bed and found two little sneaky stinkers had stolen my bed!

We spent some fun days at the beach! The boys made me a birthday cake out of sand and sang to me as I embraced turning 35!

And we spent a lot of time at Disneyland! It was hot and crowded, but still remained magical!

Archie loved having his big brother home all day. He had someone to help him play dress up and build forts and all the things that I'm no fun at!

The boys took gymnastics this summer and loved it. They were jumping and somersaulting all over the place! We spent a morning practicing at the trampoline park.
Can you spy Carter?
Lastly, our big adventure is Carter finally lost TWO teeth! He's been waiting forever to get a wiggly tooth and all of a sudden he had two and they fell out about a week apart. He is thrilled to return to school tomorrow to show all his friends!

Tonight we say goodbye to summer because school starts tomorrow for BOTH BOYS. I can't believe that Archie is finally starting school and he is thrilled and I am a little emotional because that means I will no longer have my little morning companion. I'm going to miss our Target runs and park days and lego building mornings. My house is going to seem very quiet for 3 whole hours a day, 5 days a week but I'm sure I'll survive it! :)


Eve said...

I've just got round to reading this, it's fab to see your boys as they grow up - they look like they have lots of character! :)

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