Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Normally I enjoy the rain but this week has been ridiculous! The roof started leaking in our garage, which is also our home office... we frantically moved all of our computer equipment and our landlord put a huge blue tarp on our roof. It looks silly but so far it has improved the leaking. I am not looking forward to construction workers being here while they install a new roof. The power went out yesterday morning which was frustrating but it was only for a few hours. Today we had to take Carter to the eye doctor and it seemed to pour buckets of rain as soon as we had to leave! I know we are lucky to live in Orange County where the weather is always amazing but this week hasn't just been your typically winter rain... it is stormy and windy and everywhere is flooded. I want the sun back!
Carter is thriving at home--he is gaining on average about an ounce a day! He is such a good baby but my only complaint is he still has his days and nights mixed up! He will wake up at 2 AM all bright eyed with a big smile that seems to say, "I'm ready to play!" And of course, I can't resist!


Eve said...

Sorry about your rain, I can sympathise though it's good as you've been stuck in and had to do a blog entry so we get to see cute pics! Xx

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