Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave!

So tomorrow is Dave's 30th birthday. I keep teasing him by telling Carter that his daddy is an old man! I can't believe Dave was 18 years old when we started dating... we sure have come a long way! He is a wonderful husband and an excellent father. Carter loves spending time with him and I love to see their special father-son bond. It melts my heart to see them together... especially since Carter looks so much like Dave that I sometimes call him "Little Davey." I am so very proud of my husband. He manages to always stay relaxed and laid back and reminds me to find the humor in every situation, like when Carter decides to poop on me during a middle of the night diaper change! To Dave: I am more in love with you every day and I am SO looking forward to our date night tomorrow night! (Carter gets to hang out with his grandparents.)

A recap of the week--well, this week was a bit stressful for me. I have been overly emotional (I blame it on lack of sleep and crazy hormones). I realized that I have only been giving Carter 1/10th of his vitamin dosage because I apparently cannot read the numbers on a syringe (I was giving him .1 instead of 1.0). His vitamins are important because of his anemia so of course I felt absolutely terrible. The bright side of this was I confessed my error to the pediatrician who said it was no big deal, especially since Carter's hemoglobin test came back just fine. So whew! No harm done! Carter is doing amazingly well. He is already 6 lbs and is getting chunky! He has a big double chin now which we absolutely love. I was looking at pictures of him on his birthday and his tiny little 2 pound body sure has changed! He truly is a miracle and I just can't get enough of him. He is so fun to snuggle with... he just curls up in my arms with a peaceful smile. Ahhhh I just adore him!

Jackie's friend Sarah is a photographer and she came to our house last weekend and took pictures of Carter. It was so much fun and the pictures are amazing. Sarah is very talented, patient, and sweet. It was a wonderful experience! Here are a few of the pics:


Eve said...

Happy Birthday Dave, have a great date night!

Sorry to hear you've had a tough week, soon you'll feel way better as Carter sleeps more and more.

Love the photos, especially the one of Carter under the tree with his owls - you look fab Christy and can't tell that you're not getting enough sleep . . . how do you manage that???? I'm still struggling to look presentable after two years!

extraordineri said...

Great shots. Happy birthday.

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