Friday, February 5, 2010

Carter's Cuteness Takes Over the World

Pic courtesy of Erik Wargo. :)

Carter Updates: Everything is good. He is awake more of the time now and is starting to play a bit more which is so fun. He absolutely loves water. Dave and I decided to take him in the shower this morning and we were wondering how he would react. He was very content the whole time and seemed to really love it--even when the water was in his face!
We went to the cardiologist this week and found out that he still has an atrial septal defect, although it is not presenting itself as a problem. The cardiologist will follow up with him on a regular basis and then when he is around 4 years old, they will fix it. They have a new procedure that isn't surgery... they just use a catheter and go through a vein... the doctor was very reassuring that everything will be just fine. We are going to the pediatric surgeon on Monday to find out about when they will fix Carter's hernias... and then we will be done! No more things to really worry about and he will be a "normal" baby. Carter's official due date is this Sunday, February 7th. I am thinking about having a "Happy Unbirthday" party for him. :)


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