Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend. Grandma Carol and Grandma Suzi came over yesterday to babysit while Dave and I took a walk and ate a big sushi lunch--yummy! Here is Carter in his cute Valentine's Day outfit from his Grandma:

Today we slept in and had a relaxing morning. Dave redid the fish tank while Carter and I watched. It looks really nice! It isn't complete yet but here is a picture:

After cleaning the tank, Dave and Carter took a shower. Here is proof that he really does love water. The shower will spray him in the face and he doesn't seem to mind!

And here he is in his other Valentine's Day outfit. This one is from his Aunt Jackie and it reads "Owl Be Your Valentine." SO CUTE!

Carter loves spending time with his daddy. He wants to be just like him! He falls asleep watching sports:

And he LOVES Star Wars!

So Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I hope your weekend was as full of love as ours was! XOXO


extraordineri said...

Too cute!

Dani said...


He is ADORABLE! I'm so glad Carter is doing so well...he looks so perfect and strong! :) And I love the post about the unofficial b-day...we celebrated Olivia's due date as well! You gotta celebrate everything with these sweet little ones! :)

Sending happy love from TX...

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