Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carter Loves His Grandparents!

Grandpa Robert and Grandma Mary came to visit yesterday and we had so much fun. We took Carter on his first adventure out of the house (that wasn't to a doctor's office!) We went to Beach Pit BBQ in the circle and sat and ate dinner. Carter stayed in his carseat the whole time and happily slept and grooved to David Bowie songs. We had a blast!
Anyway, our day yesterday prompted me to have a little tribute to the grandparents. They give us so much support as a family and they love Carter so much. My dad built a playhouse in his backyard for his granddaughters but now that he has a grandson, the "cottage" has been renamed "castle." My mom is already planning to build a fort in her backyard and Suzi wants to make a track where Carter can race his tricycle! And I know that this summer, Carter will be happy to swim in the pool at Grandma Linda and Grandpa Frank's house. He is definitely a lucky little boy and I am certain that he will continue to be spoiled by his grandparents for years to come!
Here is Grandma Carol:

And Grandma Suzi:

Here is Grandma Linda and Grandpa Frank:

And Grandpa Robert and Grandma Mary:

And I am so thankful that Carter has his Great-Grandma Julie! She is such a sweet Grandma to me and has already been such a wonderful Great-Grandma to Carter:

We love you!


Eve said...

I second that - hurrah for grandparents everywhere! :)

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