Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday

The exhaustion is finally getting to me. I am sooo absent-minded lately! I forgot to bring bottles to my mom's house but managed to remember to bring them to Dave's parents house, only to forget them there when we left! A testament to my exhaustion: I nursed Carter last night at 1:00AM, and put him over my shoulder to burp him. All of a sudden he was getting fussy like he wanted to eat again. I couldn't figure out how he could still be hungry until I looked at the clock. It was 3:30AM! Two and a half hours had passed with him asleep on my shoulder and me completely oblivious that any time had elapsed!
I start work again next Monday. I am SO lucky that I work for such a great company that lets me work from home. I just hope Carter gets on board with the transition and lets me have some time to work!
Here are some cute pictures from last week:


Eve said...

WAKE UP!!!! ;)

He always looks so peaceful in the pics, I want a squeeze. I hope he is understanding of his mummy next week but more likely the day you start back to work will be the day he changes his routine! Xx

The Family Wright said...

Eventually you come to accept your new reality, which is that every single time you leave your house, you will forget at least one thing you absolutely need. If you remember the diapers, you'll forget the wipes, remember the milk, forget the bottle. Every. Single. Time. Eventually the grandmas will start stocking their own houses. I think my mom still has some bottles at her house, just in case... :)

Deb said...

love the pics! what a cutie!

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