Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Carter is becoming interactive--he smiles and giggles and makes super cute baby noises. We love playing with him and watching him analyze everything that is going on around him. He started to get on a better schedule thanks to our pediatrician who asked us, "What time is his bedtime?" Dave and I kinda looked at each other and were like... "Well, um... I guess around 10:00, or whenever he falls asleep... uh.." It was pretty hilarious. As new parents, we had fallen into a newborn routine of waking and feeding every 3 hours so a bedtime seemed pretty pointless! Anyway, we finally established a flexible bedtime of 8:00. Last night he fed at 8:00pm, fell asleep and didnt wake to eat again until 1:30AM. 5.5 hours! It was amazing.


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