Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Baby!

Carter is a joy to be around. He is giggly and smiley and makes all sorts of silly faces. The downside is lately he has been waking up in the middle of the night because his teeth (or lack of teeth!) have been bugging him. I feel bad for him as it seems like he has been teething for over a month and there is still nothing there! Except his gums now feel swollen, so hopefully that is a sign that we will see a pearly white tooth pop up any day now! He bites everything! (Including people, as you will see later in this post!)

We have been house hunting, which has been SO fun. Molly (our long-time friend and now our realtor!) has been awesome and she has given us a ton of great information. I can't wait to buy our first official home. Such a big step and I am beyond ready for it!

This may be why Carter doesn't like to sleep in his crib--his daddy spoils him:

Our little Angel fan:

Fun with Auntie Harmony:

Don't let the above innocent face fool you. Poor Auntie Harmony did not know what was in store for her!

You'd think he would have learned his lesson about eating hair but nope--he still takes handfuls of mine every day!


The Family Wright said...

Bwhahahah!! Look at that eyebrow! He looks like trouble. Can't wait to see him again

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