Saturday, July 3, 2010


So Carter is now 14 pounds, oodles of fun, and lots of work! He is increasingly becoming more defiant and more cranky every day. He knows what he wants and he wants to do things his way, on his schedule. I am desperate to keep him on a schedule, but the only thing that really remains consistent is bedtime around 8PM. My sweet baby boy that used to sleep through the night woke up last night at 12, 3, and 6. Arg! He demanded that he was starving. Hopefully this is just a growth spurt and he will grow out of it, as Dave and I are now used to getting sleep and both were pretty cranky ourselves this morning!

As for playtime, now that he is bigger and more aware, it is fun to play games with him. He likes to swim and splash around in the tub. He can sit up now (for the most part) and so he has better access to his toys. Tummy time exists no more since now whenever I put him on his tummy, he gets angry and rolls right over. Oh well--at least he is rolling over!

Carter is now going through a biting stage--he will try to get anything into his mouth! His poor stuffed animals get attacked daily... here he is biting the mane of his horsie:

And here he is with Zebra... another victim that seems to be endlessly covered in a slimy saliva goo:

I read somewhere that babies are ready to start solids when they show an interest in food. Well, Carter definitely does. We captured his culinary interest on video:

And lastly, Carter has learned how to kiss. He keeps his mouth open, which is a bit sticky and gross, but it is still super cute. :)


Hugs from mom said...

It sounds like he's not just growing but teething! That's a miserable time let me tell you. They drool a lot, get runny noses, and fuss like crazy. There's infant Motrin and Tylenol that you can interchange for when it gets really bad. Teething can also lead to ear infections so watch out for that. All that congestion it causes can get trapped in the ear. Fortunately you have Dr. Brandon handy to keep an eye on the for you without having to make worried runs to the doctor all the time. Growing up sure is hard to do. Good luck and I hope you can get some sleep.

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