Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I am now officially 29 years old. Nothing special about 29... except I can still say I am in my 20s! My birthday was absolutely amazing. To start off, Dave, Carter, and I got up early and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Bagels N Brew. Then, Aimee, Torrey, Harmony, and I went to Glen Ivy. If you have never been, it is a must! We didn't even get any spa treatments--we just went to lie around and relax. (Plus you get free admission on your birthday!) We played in the mud pool, laid on rafts, went in the mineral water spa, the Roman bath, the steam room, the sauna... we ate a very yummy lunch (BBQ Chicken Pizza for me!), read girly magazines... it was amazing. Thanks to my girlfriends for making my day so perfect.

Then I went home, played with Carter, and then Dave took me to a yummy sushi dinner. It really was a wonderful day! Dave took the day off work so he could spend some time with Carter (they went swimming too!) and he took my car in and got it completely serviced, fixed my air conditioner (hooray!) and got it washed. What a great husband!

So thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It really was a perfect day. Here are some pics from the day plus a few cute ones of Carter, since I know he's the reason everyone reads my blog! :)

Did I mention Carter is now reading? :)


Jackie said...

Sounds fun, and boy is that Carter cute!

One note... I think 'girly magazines' might mean something different to others than you mean. (ie check out this link:

I'm just sayin.

(this is Brandon even if it says Jackie)

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