Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Fun and Hanging with the Boys

Is it just me, or is my child getting cuter by the day? I was looking at some newborn pics of Carter the other day to see how much he has changed. Back then I would look at this tiny baby and think there was no way he could get any cuter. But he does! He is such a little charmer and always knows when to flash his smile. Dave and I are so in love with this little boy. It's interesting to think that Carter just kind of fit into our relationship. We went from being just the two of us for over 10 years, to being like the Three Musketeers in the blink of an eye. [singing] We were the three best friends that anyone could have... (Hopefully some of you got that joke!)

Dave and I went on a hike on Saturday with Carter on the trail in Whiting Ranch (if you have never been--it is a must!) Dave wore Carter in the Bjorn and off we went! At first Carter loved looking around at all the plants and beautiful scenery, but after about 15 minutes into the hike, he was fast asleep! Hopefully this hiking thing can be a reoccuring Saturday activity as I am desperate to get back into shape.

Carter also had a play date this weekend. Carter's Grandma Linda is a middle school teacher. Coincidentally, her coworkers all had either sons or grandsons born around the same time this year. So they had a get-together so all the little baby boys could play. Carter is the oldest by about 3 months (and believe it or not, the smallest!) It was really cute to get all the boys together. He especially seems to love a little boy named Jackson--they are the closet in age.

Here are all the boys:

And here is Carter next to the youngest little boy--he is only 3.5 months old! It really puts it into perspective for me that my little guy is still a "little guy!" Who knows though? He could end up being 6'2" like Dave someday!


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