Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy = Fun Fun Fun!

So the past two weeks have been so busy. We have had so much going on and Carter has been a trooper through it all. He seems to really enjoy going out and seeing people. He loves new places and it's almost like you can see his little brain in action, learning about everything as he observes. After much insistance and begging, I convinced Dave to join us at the OC Fair. We went with a great group of friends, ate some yummy food, and had a wonderful time. My camera battery died after the first picture we took, but here we are on the way to see the animals:

I also had to work in the office three days this week, so Carter spent some time with my mom. He absolutely loves their house and was spoiled by being pulled around in a Radio Flyer wagon all over the canyon. Here he is in his special "Off to Grandma's" shirt:

Here he is in the wagon with my mom:

Next, Carter had a play date at Mason Park in Irvine with his friend John. John's mommy is Sarah and we were roomates in college at UCSB. It has been wonderful to reconnect with her and her beautiful family and we all had a blast at the park. John is already walking around, so it is exciting to see what things will be like when Carter is a toddler! For now, he was content to sit on the ground and pull up big handfuls of grass--I couldn't get him to look up for any of the pictures! I had never been to Mason Park and it was huge and beautiful. I thought we'd feed the ducks and managed to get through about one slice of bread before being overrun by ducks and geese that were so loud and honestly, quite frightening! (Carter looked mildly amused as Sarah and I pushed our strollers at record speed!)

So what better way to end all this excitement than with a good nap? Here are some of Carter's favorite sleeping spots (notice that none of them are in his own bed!)

Now, it's off to Ramona for a little weekend getaway to simply relax from all this excitement!


Eve said...

Carter is growing and growing, toddling won't be long! You're looking great too. :) Xx

dianeandjack said...

Love seeing these posts...miss seeing the little guy...anytime you want to stop by for a little visit is fine with me...he is sooo cute and growing soooo much!

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