Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summertime Fun

We've had lots of good "summertime" moments in the past few weeks, so I thought I'd lump them all together. To start, Carter and I drove to San Juan Capistrano and waited at the Train Depot for Tovah (my roomate from UCSB) to come meet us. I've never really walked around the old towne part of San Juan--it is so cute! There is a petting zoo, lots of little cafes and restaurants, and beautiful trees and gardens. Here we are at the petting zoo:

We had lunch at a really yummy restaurant where we sat outside in a cute little courtyard. My salad was delicious, just a bit tricky to eat it with a squirmy baby in my lap!

Carter has had lots of swimming adventures lately. He really loves the water and he could spend hours in the pool! Here he is swimming with his Grandma:

My mom loved swimming with him so much that she bought Carter his very own pool for her house, complete with fishies to swim with!

Carter loves swimming with his daddy, perhaps because his daddy will toss him up in the air (as my heart stops beating!)

Here is Carter relaxing with his Auntie Harmony:

And hanging out with his new best friend, Lily:

Lastly, Carter is totally into alliterations... to my delight! He loves words that sound similar or silly in some way. He really likes the word "DVD" and he loves when I sing him "Chim-Chimney." After reading a book of nursery rhymes, I found yet another favorite:


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