Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toys that Grow

I love toys that "grow" with your child. For example, we have a V-Tech toy that Carter has loved since he was only a few months old and now it has converted into a walker and he still loves it. We also borrowed a Megasaucer from my brother-in-law's family when Carter was around 7 months old. He used to love to sit in it but now he loves to stand on the outside of it and play. I thought he was finally getting sick of it but today he discovered that he can hide underneath it and that if he sits exactly in the center, his head won't touch the top (because of where the seat is located). He put a bunch of his toy balls in the bottom, then crawled in to play with them. He was so caught up in his game that he didn't see us smiling and laughing at him. When he finally saw us, he flashed us a big prideful grin. He was pretty impressed with himself!


Jackie said...

Looks like the snot faucet has slowed... (this is Brandon even if it is showing a pic of Jackie)

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