Friday, June 24, 2011

The Big 3-0

I am now 30. I can no longer act young and cute and say, "I'm in my 20s!" Ha. That's okay. I embrace this year of growing older and all the exciting adventures that are in store for me and my family. Our new house should close escrow in a few weeks and this new baby boy is growing bigger by the day and Carter is learning new things at lightning speed! I love my life.

To celebrate, we spent the night at the Tides Inn in Laguna Beach. For an affordable small inn, it was actually quite lovely--we even had a little kitchen and breakfast bar in our room and could see the ocean from the window. We began our day with the breakfast buffet at Las Brisas. Oh my.... anytime I can eat bacon and Eggs Benedict for breakfast, I am in heaven.

After breakfast we went for a walk down by the beach. It was a warm day but the cloud cover never managed to truly go away. Stupid June Gloom. Oh well, at least we weren't too hot which was nice. Carter was fascinated by the trail that we walked down and loved to stare out at the ocean.

After our walk, we checked into the hotel and had a quick nap.

Then the boys attempted to swim but the water was a bit chilly (at least for Dave and me! Carter would have happily gone all the way in.)

Then Grandma and Grandpa picked up Carter and Dave and I were all alone! We went to dinner at K'ya Bistro which was so yummy. I wish I would have taken pictures of our food! We had grilled ribeye steak, thai inspired fried calamari, grilled portabella burger, lobster mac and cheese, berry cheesecake, and a brownie sundae. Yes, we ordered six plates of food. They are considered tapas or small plates but actually they were quite large and we were sooo full. We took a walk through the main street and looked at a few art galleries, sat on the boardwalk and watched the sun set, and then watched Bridesmaids at the movie theater (which actually was a really funny movie!) Then we got to cuddle and sleep uninterrupted the whole night without a wiggly toddler between us! It was lovely. Happy birthday to me!


Eve said...

What a lovely, lovely day! Glad you enjoyed it and I don't believe for a moment that you'll stop acting young and cute. ;)

Think I'll definitely have to call you in the next few days and have a catch up - didn't know that you had found a house; very excited for you!

Talk soon and have a wonderful weekend. xx

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