Monday, June 13, 2011

The Loves of My Life

I got to celebrate the wedding of Kira and Tim this weekend and oh, how I love weddings. It makes me remember when I got married and how happy my sweet husband makes me. How could you not love a face like this?
Sigh... I just adore him.

I also adore my new baby boy, kicking and swimming and flipping around in my belly. I am struggling to come up with a name. Dave and I can't agree on anything. Carter Francis and Grayson Hunter are the perfect names ever and now we are at a loss for any more boy names (especially because for the last few months I was certain this baby was a girl!) Here is a pic of my baby belly:

Another love of my life is my sweet baby Grayson. I have been thinking about him so much lately, especially with this new baby boy in my life. I miss his face so much sometimes. I also hate the way memory works. I feel like I can remember the last time I was with him more than I can some of the happy cuddle moments that we spent together. When I feel those memories slip away, I try really hard to lay in bed at night and recover each sweet moment that we had together. Grayson, you are still a part of this family. When people ask me about my pregnancy and say, "Is this your first?" I always say, "This is my second pregnancy, third baby." That of course always ends up with me retelling your sad story but at least the truth gets told.

Lastly, the other major love of my life is, of course, Carter. He is so funny lately. I will have to get a video of him singing his favorite songs. He loves to act out songs with hand gestures. He is getting really good at them! He is also addicted to M&Ms, thanks to his grandpa! Hopefully it will help him gain some weight!


Trish said...

I love the photos! You have such a beautiful little family, Christy. I know you thought the new little one would be a girl... perhaps next time? :)

I am betting Carter will be thrilled to have a baby brother to play with. I wish health for you in your pregnancy and health for your sweet little new guy. As for names... wow... that is such a personal decision. Tell me, how did you decide upon Carter's and Grayson's? Carter's middle name echoes that of his greatgrandpa Cushman. Is the same true for Grayson's? If you've already chosen/liked a girls name... maybe using the masculine form? Just a few ideas. I'm positive you guys will find just the perfect one for him.

You can always write the various names on pieces of paper and shake them up in a bowl and let Carter pick it? ;P


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