Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Dave got to kick off his day by sleeping in... for those of you with kids, you know how precious sleeping in can be! He then woke up to Carter and I tickling his back (another cherished activity). Then he played with Carter and they went swimming while I helped his mom make dinner.

Carter bought his daddy a t-shirt about "Nothing" :

I am so thankful that Dave is such a good father...sometimes even a bit jealous when Carter runs to the door screaming "Daddy!" whenever Dave comes home. I don't think there is anyone in the world that Carter loves or enjoys more than his Daddy and I anticipate it will be this way forever. I get emotional at times when I realize how lucky I am to have found a man that is an awesome husband and a fantastic father. Not everyone in this world can even find someone to fit one of those categories. How did I get so lucky!? I can't wait for Dave to meet this new baby boy and start another lifelong relationship. Did I mention how excited I am to be having another boy? I love the boys in my life!

Here is Carter and his daddy, dancing the day away:


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