Friday, November 20, 2009

Carter's Big Day

Today was a big day for little Carter. He decided it was time to breathe on his own. They took out his ventilator and we finally can see his precious little face. He looks so much like Dave! He already recognizes our voices because when we would talk to him, he would turn and look at us. The nurse even let me give him a tiny pacifier--it was so much fun! We also can hear him cry and sneeze and hiccup now that the tube is gone.
Grayson is younger by two minutes but is trying very hard to catch up to his big brother. I anticipate that his ventilator will also be removed in the next few days. As for tonight, he was feeling a bit camera shy, as you can see in this picture!
When we said good-night to the boys tonight, they were both sleeping on their tummies with their tiny little diapered bums sticking up in the air. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!


extraordineri said...

So cute. Congrats you guys.

Trish said...

precious.. precious.. so very precious! xoxoxoxo

The Chambers Family said...

So exciting that he was able to come off the ventilator. We are glad everything is going so well!

Jackie said...

Carter must be destined to be famous. He's already got that 'hand blocking his face for the paparazzi cameras' move...
(this will say it was posted by Jackie, but its really Brandon)

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