Monday, November 16, 2009

Surviving Hospital Bed Rest

Now that I've been on bed rest for over a month (yikes!) I thought I would start updating our blog. I was hospitalized on October 12th and had surgery done called a cerclage, which basically stitched my cervix closed to keep these twins in! Things have been up and down since then, but rest assured that these boys are nicknamed Hans and Franz for a reason--they are tough and strong!

Although bed rest is a unique form of torture, I must say that my friends and family have truly helped make it bearable. I have tons of visitors, and am thankful to have a computer to keep me linked to the outside world (although Dave is scared that I might have a bit too much fun with online shopping!) The days kind of blur together and feel like an endless eternity but every day I am here, our boys get bigger and healthier. My goal is to make it till the end of December, where the boys will be 34-35 weeks.

This picture shows my belly at only 24 weeks, so one can only imagine as to how gigantic I am going to be! I am definitely carrying "Hill" babies--they feel huge and extremely active! I laugh every time I envision our future family portraits... I picture myself at 4'11" with three boys over 6' tall towering over me.


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