Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Both Carter and Grayson had a really good day today... less "spells" which is when they forget to breathe. They had baths last night and seem to have done really well ever since. No more greasy hair! Now it is easy to tell them apart--Carter has smooth blondish hair and Grayson has fuzzy dark hair.

Today was the first time Dave got to touch Grayson. He put his hand on Grayson's back and Grayson reached his little hand around to touch Daddy's hand. It was so precious. We decorated the boys' incubators with Angel blankets... any little personal touch makes seeing them a bit easier. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Every day our boys seem to get a little stronger. They both had their feedings increased and hopefully they will start to pack on the pounds!


Eve said...

They are so lovely - I want a cuddle (but I'll stop short of saying I'm broody for another)!

I got totally confused when you said you'd put Angels blankets on their incubators. I was thinking 'heavenly' angels! Very glad to see that your priorities are still in place. ;) Xx

dianeandjack said...

I am so excited you got some cuddle time...they are growing and growing...thanks for sharing with us!

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