Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Official... We Moved.

We left our little house in Orange and are now officially living in Lake Forest with Dave's parents. They have been kind enough to let us live with them for 6 months or so, as we search to buy a house. I am a bit nervous as Dave is thrilled to be saving money and I think he wants to extend our stay for as long as possible!

It was very sad to leave our house. Even though we were only renters, we lived there for 5 years and had so many memories. It truly felt like our home. I remember right after we got engaged, we started looking at listings in Orange. We visited a few places and some rental homes but none were that great. We decided just to drive through the neighborhoods to see if we could find anything and we stumbled upon 526 Washington Avenue! It was so cute and we loved it immediately. Here is the day we got the keys:

We spent a lot of time and effort making that house feel like our own. And when we found out we were pregnant with Carter and Grayson, we spent lots of time decorating their nursery. Harmony painted a beautiful mural on our wall and it was very sad to have to paint over it.

We loved living in Old Towne and I will miss all of our favorite restaurants and I will miss taking Carter on walks through the Circle. I am thankful though, that Dave's parents have been so supportive in letting us stay with them. My goal is to be celebrating Christmas this year in our new home that we will officially own. I can't wait!


Eve said...

Glad you're all moved safely - all one step closer to being in your own pad! Good luck with the search. :-)

Hugs from mom said...

That's sad and exciting all at the same time. Good Luck finding a new place. It's not easy but hopefully you'll find "the one" soon.

sherry said...

I can see why you have affection and appreciation for your first home together. I love how you decorated Carter's room. Just think, it's going to get even better in the future!

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