Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegas and Utah Adventures!

Our trip to Utah went much better than I had anticipated. Carter is a champion traveler--he slept in the car, woke up to eat, and was basically an angel the entire trip. I think he did better than the rest of us! It felt really nice to get away from it all for a few days... especially because this month is so crazy for us. We are moving in with Dave's parents for 6 months while we look to buy a house. Sounds like a great plan but we have to be out of our house by the end of the month and the packing is overwhelming! So a little vacation away was just what I needed!

We arrived in Vegas on Wednesday night and stayed at the Orleans hotel. We got a room with two queen beds and we let Carter have his own bed. I think he enjoyed it:
We woke up the next morning and had the breakfast buffet at the Paris hotel. Words cannot describe how much I LOVE their food. I am totally a breakfast person (but Dave is not!) so I usually suffer through a bowl of cereal every morning. But to have orange juice and waffles and eggs benedict and potatos and pastries and fruit... mmmmmm. I still can't stop thinking about it!

We walked around the Paris hotel for a bit and took some pictures. Carter was mesmorized by all the casino lights and sounds. I felt guilty about having a baby in a casino (I soooo did not want to be "that parent") but whatever. He had fun and even got to take his picture with Jerry Seinfeld!

We left Vegas with full tummies and made our way to Utah. The mountains still had snow on them and it was actually really beautiful. We spent Thursday and Friday night at Dave's aunt Marsha's house (Linda's twin sister.) Carter adored her--I think he thought it was pretty cool to see "two" Grandma Lindas!

It was really nice to meet all of Dave's family! Their family is gigantic! I couldn't believe it! I think his grandma has like over 30 grandkids and almost 50 great-grandkids. It really made me realize how wonderful big families are--I came home trying to convince Dave that we need to have 4 or 5 kids of our own! Despite the sad circumstances, it was great to learn more about Dave's grandma and her life. I am so happy to be a part of this family.

We spent Saturday night at Dave's uncle's house in St. George (which was absolutely beautiful) and then left at 5 AM Sunday morning to drive home. We were sooo tired when we got home. Carter immediately fell asleep with his arms straight up like a zombie!
So overall, we had a good trip, but it is always nice to come home. Here are some fun videos of Carter from the past week:


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