Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a very busy, but fun-filled Easter weekend. We took a trip to visit Grayson. Someone came and put Easter eggs all over the children's section of the cemetery. It looked very festive. We spent Easter with family and Carter participated in his first Easter egg hunt! He made off with $34. Not too shabby!
Carter is recovering from a slight cold this week. And of course, as his mommy, I have to make all the sacrifices. Dave got to go to a concert and opening night at Angels stadium. I stayed home to take care of Carter. I think I see a spa day in my near future!
We leave tomorrow for Utah (Dave's grandma's funeral) and are a bit stressed about getting everything ready. How do you pack for 5 days for a baby that goes through 10 diapers a day and probably 10 outfits as well!? Also, Carter hasn't been in the car longer than 2 hours straight so I have no idea how the drive to Utah will go. We are stopping in Vegas tomorrow night. Maybe Carter will gamble his $34 and win us enough for a down payment for a new house! :)


sherry said...

That little bunny hat is too much!

Condolences to Dave.

Hugs from mom said...

Such beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Good thing for you it isn't going to snow anymore up here. I hope you guys have a safe drive. And I can sympathize with the packing, just some words of wisdom that my dad told me when we were making the trip down there, "there are stores here too". If you don't have enough room for all his diapers just buy some when you get here. :)

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