Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Boy

Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen anything cuter than this baby! This week I feel like he has grown up so much. He talks all day long (I swear he can say "Hi" "I love you" "No" and "Mama.") He used to try and swat at his toys kind of randomly and now he is very focused on grabbing his toys (using his left hand!) and he holds onto things now (which can be annoying when he constantly tries to pull the burp cloth off my shoulder!) He started sleeping through the night (in his crib!) and I am returning to a world of a good 7 hour a night sleep.  I never thought it would happen!

Here is a cute picture of the other morning. I went to take a shower and Dave was feeding Carter. When I came back, they were both asleep! I don't know how either of them manages to sleep with their hands in the air!
And lastly, here is a video of Carter enjoying his tummy time:


Eve said...

I love the top picture of him smiling. :) Trying to work out who he resembles - definitely familiar looking but is his own little person. Xx

sherry said...

Carter looks ready to give a fist bump in the top photo. Cute!

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